The Highway Department office hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding major holidays.    



The following list are the proposed projects for 2024 and beyond.  All projects are subject to change.

2024 Proposed Road Projects 


Winter Driving Reminders

A few reminders for the winter driving season:

Before you leave home, you can check the following WisDOT webpage for winter driving conditions on major state highways:  https://511wi.gov/winterroadconditions.

  1. Plow crews do their best to treat the roadways and bridges ahead of time to reduce snow/ice freezing to the roadway, usually with brine solution. Brine uses less salt on roadway, which means less salt on your car, less salt in the environment, and less cost to the taxpayers. We only use calcium chloride in extreme situations.
  2. Bridge decks tend to freeze/ice up quicker than the adjacent roadways due to the temperature differential caused by air under the brides. Drivers should always use caution when crossing a bride deck in colder temperatures (at or near freezing).
  3. During a snow/ice event, the roads and bridges will get slippery. Plows have many miles to cover per route, which means they will not be able to keep the roadways from deteriorating while it's actively precipitating. Drivers should slow down and pay added attention during changing roadway conditions. If it's precipitating, and you don't see a plow, it just means they are elsewhere on their route.
  4. Stay away from snowplows.  They are big, heavy, and will win in every collision. Plow drivers have a lot to pay attention to like other drivers, numerous plow wings, the snow they are plowing, etc. Please don't make their job harder by being reckless around them. Be patient.

We'll do our best plowing the roads, all we ask is that you do your best driving on them.

In the event your mailbox gets damaged during winter operations please call the following to report it:

  • On a town road (named such as Smith Road, James Lane, etc.) you must call your town Chairperson or Supervisor to report the damage, even if you feel the Highway Department plows that road. The town officials make the necessary arrangements for repair if warranted.
  • If you live on a County Highway (lettered such as CTH E, CTH AP, etc.), or a State Highway (numbered such as STH 21, USH 45, etc.) call and report mailbox damage to the Highway Department at 920-232-1700. If it is after hours, you may leave your name, address, phone number, and reason for the call on the voicemail. It will be attended to as soon as practical. 


 CTH "P" Construction Project

Winnebago County held a public involvement meeting on Tuesday, August 29, 2023. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the proposed reconstruction project along CTH "P" from Wis 47 to Midway Road.  Discussion was focused on the preliminary design concepts for the reconstruction of the roadway and to gather public comments about the proposed project.  The project is currently planned for construction in the summer of 2025.  If you would like information, please contact design consultant Andy Dana at 920-498-1200. Written comments regarding the project may be mailed to Andy Dana, Ayres Associates, 3376 Packerland Drive, Ashwaubenon, WI 54115 or email to danaa@AyresAssociates.com.




The Winnebago County Highway Department is proposing a reconstruction project along CTH "I" (Oregon Street) from south of Ripple Avenue to Waukau Avenue. The project is proposing to improve 1.2 miles of CTH I, including modernizing it to an urban two-lane roadway with a center turn lane, bike lanes, and new concrete pavement. Storm sewer will also be added and upgraded within the project limits to improve drainage and address flooding issues. The project is scheduled for 2024.

 Any questions or comments on this project can be addressed to Rowland Hoslet, PE, EXP U.S. Services, Inc. at 920-857-6304 or Rowland.hoslet@exp.com.   


Work Zone Safety

Each year in Wisconsin, both highway workers and motorists are killed and injured in crashes that happen in highway construction zones. Motorists should slow down, be patient and pay attention to their surroundings in this and all work zones.

For more information regarding work zone rules for motorists, the law restricting hand-held devices, and general work zone safety information, please see WisDOT's work zone safety website.  To help safeguard law enforcement officers, emergency responders, road maintenance workers, and others who work on the side of the highways, Wisconsin has a "Move Over Law" (Wis. Stat. s. 346.072) stating that drivers must provide a safety zone for stopped law enforcement, emergency and maintenance vehicles.

The law requires drivers to shift lanes or slow down in order to provide a "safety zone" for a squad car, ambulance, fire truck, tow truck, utility vehicle, or highway maintenance vehicle that is stopped on the side of a road with its warning lights flashing.

Drivers have two options for creating a safety zone:

  • If the road has more than one directional lane, like the Interstate, and you can switch lanes safely, you must move over to vacate the lane closest to the law enforcement or other vehicle with its lights flashing.
  • If the road has a single directional lane or you can't safely move over, you must reduce your speed.

Failure of motorists to move over is one of the reasons that motor vehicle crashes kill more law enforcement officers on duty than any other cause.

Learn more about work zone safety.

Test your knowledge of​ the Move Over Law – take the quiz​.

The Winnebago County Highway Department values their employee's lives, we sincerely hope that you do too.  Every employee has family waiting at home for them each evening. Please drive accordingly!




The existing bridge was constructed in 1956 and is nearing its service life.  The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) determined in April of 2021, based on a bridge inspection, that several issues need to be addressed.  Construction is scheduled for summer of 2028. 

Additional information can be found here.

You may contact the WisDOT with questions or comments at:

920-360-3124 or William.Bertrand@dot.wi.gov

920-492-4153 or Mark.Kantola@dot.wi.gov 



The Wisconsin Department of Transporation announced proposed updates to the Main Street (US 45) Bridge in the City of Oshkosh. The purpose of the project is to preserve the operation of the structural, mechanical, and electrical components of the bridge.   Construction is anticipated to begin in the fall of 2025.  The structure is currently safe for vehicle and pedestrian crossing.  The WisDOT will be holding a live, online public involvement meeting (PIM) for proposed improvements to the Main Street Bridge.  The meeting begins at 5 pm, Thursday, February 29.  The purpose of this meeting is to provide project design information and gather comments on proposed improvements. The public is encouraged to attend the meeting to learn more about the proposed improvements and provide input.  For more information on this topic: Main Street Bridge Proposed Improvements.



The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors passed an ordinance at their meeting dated 9/17/19 allowing the use of all-terrain vehicles on certain county roads.  This becomes part of Section 7.16 of the General Code of Winnebago County and shall read as follows: 

ATV/UTV Regulations



ATV Safety 



If you're looking for the best routes for walking and bicycling in Winnebago County, there is a new resource for you.  The Winnebago County Trails Map, put together by the Winnebago County Bike/Ped Stakeholder Team, shows paved and unpaved routes, trails and facilities along with important amenities and features like public restrooms, points of interest, pet friendly areas, and fix-it stations.  The online map works on any smart device and printed maps will be finished soon.  For more information you can contact the Winnebago County Health Department at 920-232-3021.




Effective October 1, 2016 it became illegal to talk on a handheld mobile device while driving in a Wisconsin road work zone. 

Following the law is simple. Just remember: Orange cones – Put down the phones!



State of Wisconsin Road Construction

Visit WisDOT 511 for information on construction projects throughout the State of Wisconsin.