Family Court Services

 The Office of Family Court Services provides mediation services to parents who have a dispute regarding legal custody and/or physical placement of their minor children. We work with families that have court cases in Winnebgao County, WI.


At times, parents may find themselves court ordered to particpate in mediation. However, this is not the only way to particpate. Parents may voluntarily request to participate in mediation, and we may be able to assist you and your family without the Family Court becoming formally involved.


If you would like to request mediation services, or are unsure if you may qualify for mediation services, please contact our main office line to speak directly with a member of our staff




Jill Burchardt   Kimberly Burgert
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(920) 236-4794   (920) 236-4762 (Main)

Family Court Mediators

Vacant   Kim Bromberek 
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(920) 236-4793   (920) 236-4759 


Mission Statement

We work to improve the lives of separated or divorced parents and their children by providing education regarding the family court process, conflict reduction and resolution, and co-parenting and communication between parents. We strive to help parents determine for themselves, with minimal court intervention, their children's custody and placement arrangements.


The information and forms herein are for convenience purposes only, and may not represent the most current version. Legal advice is not provided.