Waukau Creek Dam

Waukau Creek Dam is located on State Highway 116 in the Village of Waukau (Map it). The area, which formerly belonged to the Department of Natural Resources, contains a rough fish-holding pond with regulation devices that control its water level and divert the flow of the creek. The dam is a popular fishing spot as many species of fish can be caught here. The site also offers handicap-accessible fishing.

Originally, the Waukau Creek Dam area was the site of an early-day sawmill, which was later replaced by a woolen mill. The mill purchased its raw wool from local sheepherders and provided employment for many women throughout the community. The local Baptist Church also used the waters of the creek for baptismal ceremonies.

Over the years, the creek has cut through glacial till (glacier-deposited soil) resulting in a steep-walled ravine. Care should always be taken when hiking or fishing around the creek.

Waukau Creek Dam Waukau Creek Mountain Bike Trail Waukau Creek Mountain Bike Trail

Waukau Creek Mountain Bike Trail

The Waukau Dam Mountain Bike Trail is a three-mile, single-track mountain bike trail that flows along the steep hillsides and through the deep ravines of the Waukau Dam Nature Preserve.

The trail is considered an intermediate-level mountain bike trail. A rugged landscape offers bikers challenging climbs, fast descents and fantastic views of Waukau Creek and the surrounding forest.

Advanced features have been added along the trail for those who wish to hone their skills - numerous bridges, jumps, drops and skill features help to keep the ride exciting and challenging. Bypasses are available for all of the advanced features.

The trail is a "two-way" and has been designed to ride completely different in each direction, making the most of the limited mileage. Be courteous and always be on the lookout for other riders and hikers.

The trail is open for year-round riding (fat tire bikes only during winter), weather permitting. It is closed to riding anytime it is wet or muddy. Trail conditions are closely monitored by the trail builders and current conditions can be found on the Waukau Dam Mountain Bike Trail Facebook page.

A handful of mountain bike enthusiasts, with the support of the Oshkosh Cycling Club, have volunteered nearly 1,500 hours to build the trail. Donations to build the wooden bridges and features have come from the Oshkosh Cycling Club, the trail builders and private donors.

Waukau Creek Mountain Bike Trail Waukau Creek Mountain Bike Trail ​​​​​​​Waukau Creek Mountain Bike Trail