Community Programs Division

This division provides proactive crime prevention programs to the citizens of Winnebago County. The programs are designed to assist the citizens of the county in protecting themselves and their property from crimes. Officers in this division dedicate a great deal of their efforts to the safety and security of citizens, residents and businesses of Winnebago County..

Community Policing

Community Policing is both a philosophy and an organization strategy that promotes a partnership between the Sheriff's Office and the community. It is based on the premise that both the deputies and the community must work together to solve problems and improve the overall quality of life. Community Policing promotes greater interaction and empowers citizens to share in identifying and dealing with community problems, including the prevention of crime.


Car seat inspections 

Community Program Pages

Neighborhood Watch

Fox Cities Victim Response Team

Synthetic Drugs (K2, Spice, Bath Salts)  

Cyber Crime

Chaplain Program

Identity Theft

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