Public Health Planning

The public health planner works in collaboration with WCHD divisions within the department, and the community in assessing the health needs of the population of Winnebago County. The planner assists other staff in the department in the evaluation of their programs, systems and policies to develop initiatives that meet the needs of specific communities and carry out public health objectives.  The public health planner may develop and advocate for public health policies within and outside of the local health department.

Planning can help:
  • Strategize our work using best practices
  • Identify and prioritize public health needs, evidence based strategies and resources
  • Evaluate work done by the department

The health of the community is ever changing and the Winnebago County Health Department is poised to meet the future health needs of the community. Work in promoting health and protecting the public requires strategic planning, building strong partnerships with the community we serve, and providing excellent services to the public.  


Heidi Keating
Phone: 920-232-3353

Resources the Public Health Planner Prepares