Access to Transportation

Transportation access has a big impact on a person’s ability to be healthy, get to a good-paying job, school or the grocery store, access healthcare services, and stay socially connected. An internal staff team has developed three goals for the Department to address:

  • Ensure vulnerable populations have adequate access to transportation that meets their needs
  • Work towards establishing healthier environments through health in all policies and health in planning (e.g. increasing use of active transportation)
  • Strive for safe integration of multi-modal transportation options in our communities
Understanding local transportation issues:
  • The Fox Valley Thrives Transportation Team conducted a series of focus groups to understand user perceptions of the Oshkosh area’s transportation system. These focus groups allow for better understanding of the connections between transportation and health, identify what facilities enhance or impede a person’s ability to use walking, biking, and transit in the Fox Valley, and determine what changes might need to be made in the built environment to improve access to transportation. Link to report: Linking Health and Transportation: Voices of Oshkosh Walkers, Cyclists and Transit Users 
  • Make the Ride Happen is a brochure to help connect WC residents to transportation.
  • Student Access to Public Transportation  is a flier highlighting the benefits of transportation access and its relevance to public health priorities. 
WCHD staff are involved in many transportation-related steering teams and initiatives including: