What You Need To Know

Maintain Security
  • It is important to keep all medication in a secure location
  • Keep out of the reach of children and pets
  • Consider using a lock box or locked filing cabinet
  • Place pill bottles in private area such as bedroom or drawer
Don't Share
  • It is illegal to share your perscription medication, even with family
  • The doctor prescribes medications specifically for you and your body
  • You cannot be sure how the drug may affect others physically or emotionally
  • It is a criminal offense to share prescriptions

Proper Disposal
  • It is no longer acceptable to flush or throw away medication
  • Recent studies show measurable amounts of medication have been found in drinking water and wildlife due to flushing or throwing away medications
  • Medication strength changes over time and is not typically safe after one year
  • Proper disposal removes the medication from your home in a safe way so that others don't have access to it. Use your local drug drop site.